For Immediate Release
December 19, 2018

HALIFAX – After two days of conciliation (December 11 and 13), Saint Mary’s University
Faculty Union (SMUFU) was unable to reach an agreement with the Employer (SMU) on a
new collective agreement. Negotiations for a new agreement began in June 2018.

The parties continue to have disagreements over monetary and non-monetary issues that
SMUFU has brought into this round of collective bargaining. SMUFU is seeking fair
settlement for salaries and other compensations for its membership. In addition, SMUFU
is seeking pay equity with other maritime universities for its mostly female units of
Librarians and Lecturers. Librarian salaries at Saint Mary’s University are among the
lowest in the Atlantic region. There are also several non-monetary issues in dispute such
as vacation days for Librarians and the workload assigned to Lecturers.

We expect that the Conciliator will file his report in early January 2019 and that job action
will commence thereafter.

SMUFU and SMU have had a history of good labour relations for over 40 years. SMUFU
is committed to ensuring the highest quality of education for its students and is prepared to
meet with the University at any time to resolve the dispute.

Contact: Marc Lamoureux, SMUFU Spokesperson,
Saint Mary’s University Faculty Union
Phone: 902-489-5405
Email: [email protected]



SMUFU Press Release – December 19 2018

December 19, 2018 – SMUFU/employer unable to reach agreement