Mount Saint Vincent Faculty Association
November 28, 2018


Second Attempt at Conciliation Fails


Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association represents 144 full-time faculty, librarians, and lab instructors. Conciliation between the Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association and the Mount Saint Vincent University Board of Governors broke down in early November when the Employer made a final offer that failed to address the association’s concerns.

In the days following those failed negotiations, the Conciliation Officer invited the Faculty Association back to the table at the request of the Employer. At that point, the Faculty Association offered significant concessions, but talks broke off when the Employer made clear it was not prepared to shift its position and did not provide a counter offer.

“We are disappointed that the Employer has failed to respond to our concerns about workload, leaves, and total compensation” says Robert Farmer, Faculty Association President.

The two sides have been scheduled by the Conciliation Officer for a final meeting on January 2, the last opportunity in the cooling off period after the no Board report. Should no progress be made, the Faculty Association would then be in a legal strike position as of 7 January 2019 (the first day students return to class in the new year).


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November 28, 2018 – MSVU fails to respond to faculty concerns